February 20, 2016

About Us

About Mark Hanson

Owner  | Guide | Outfitter | USCG Licensed Captain

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Born and raised in Iowa, Mark was introduced to hunting and fishing at an early age.  Family fishing trips solidified his passion for the outdoors and his unquenchable thirst for adventure. For over a decade Mark has guided hunters and fishermen in some of the most remote locations within the western states and Alaska. Always in search of the next trophy wall hanger.

Mark has worked for some of the best outfitters that Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming have to offer.  Mark’s knowledge of hunting and fishing, along with his willingness to learn has placed him at the top of his profession.

Fishing is Mark’s greatest passion. Whether he is chasing Bass down south or stripping a wooly bugger through the crystal clear trout waters of Alaska, Mark spends every opportunity he gets on the water.  Learning how to fly fish in the South Lake Tahoe area, Mark has developed his skills over the years while travelling and fishing the beautiful waters of the west.

Mark has had the pleasure of Guiding on the Yenta and Talkeetna Rivers, as well as Chelatna Lake, Lake Creek and Clear Creek in Alaska. Mark possesses the knowledge required to catch each of the 5 species of salmon, trophy rainbows, and the finicky grayling that inhabit Alaskan waters. Utilizing various fishing methods, Mark can provide both experienced and novice anglers with an angling experience second to none.

Year after year, Mark welcomes back return customers to camp. Mark’s easy going and fun loving personality make it easy see why so many friends return.  One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment with Mark in camp.

About John Mingo

Owner  | Guide | Outfitter | Chef | Marine
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John grew up in the Adirondack Wilderness. He has hunted, fished and canoed all his life.

Fishing and paddling the epic rivers of the United States and the world is John’s passion. John has fished 9 of the top 10 trout rivers in North America.

John has enjoyed guiding off and on for the past 30 years.

John’s Marine Corps training not only gave him a twisted sense of humor (hence the name PIGS), but enhanced his survival skills to expert status.

As a Marine, John is an expert marksmen; and he excelled in combat first aide training, wilderness and mountain winter survival.

In the Marine Corp John honed his skills as an instructor. John is known for his patience at teaching even the most novice fishermen. His love and passion for the sport really shines through.

About Company

Welcome to the Politically Incorrect Guide Service.
Home of the Boys Out Navigating Epic RiverS, or as we call ourselves B.O.N.E.R.S!

While on a road trip John and Mark were discussing possible names for the business.

We wanted a name that stood out professionally, yet portrayed who we were as individuals. Being the fun loving, easy going jokesters that we are, names we were coming up with were too serious. We needed something fun and that separated us from all the rest.

After a few hours of getting nowhere, Mark came up with the acronym of B.O.N.E.R.S or Boys Out Navigating Epic RiverS. Hearing this, John’s wife Lori called John and Mark “PIGS”! The name stuck and the Politically Incorrect Guide Service was born.

PIGS is dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and exciting atmosphere at all times. We want everyone to be themselves and feel free from the politically correct world that we live. If you cannot take a joke we are not for you. PIGS consider ourselves as equal opportunity offenders.

All PIGS float trips are geared and customized specifically to each individual group. Unlike our competitors, our trips will never mix separate parties together. Your trip is yours to enjoy with whoever is in your party, no one else. This makes your trip private with no worries about some jackass ruining your Alaskan adventure.

PIGS provides a laid back Alaskan experience that is conducive for everyone, regardless of age, to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

From the Beginning we have strived to be different and more importantly to be keep things as relaxed as possible.

PIGS will not be responsible for any injuries resulting from the successful attempt to scratch a bear’s belly.